Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Barn Charm

365 - # 24

I pass this barn twice a week. To me its charming.

 same barn different view.
I pass so many wonderful barns in my daily travels, that I thought I'd share.
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  1. Hi Debi,

    That's a great entry & it IS very charming... it's also quite big... How I'd love to see the inside & explore it all day long! See these old barns makes me want to learn more about the history... who owns it, who built it, etc... I seriously love these old places! =)

    Thanks so much for joining, hope to see again! =)

  2. I wonder if that's a milk house that's built onto the barn? Delightful photo!

  3. I have been fascinated with barns my whole life. Do you ever watch the PBS specials?
    Love the cupolas on top.
    Barns hold such emotion no matter the condition.


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