Monday, February 7, 2011

one fine barn

365 - 34

have watched this barn over the years go from a sad, crumbling, neglected structure to this very fine barn. I just wonder what its new purpose is ?????

its next door neighbor, below, the full version of a previous post click click here


  1. It looks ready to stand the test of time now!

  2. That IS one fine barn! So nice that someone restored it, seldom do we see that here.

  3. Always nice to see a new roof on a barn. It will last much longer now. MB

  4. That's a grand looking barn. It maybe used for horses.
    ☼ Sunny

  5. What a niiice barn... looks like it's moved up the ladder! =) I really love all that wood!!!
    I'm one that still loves the crumbling ol' barns, too - such history wrapped up in such places... it's truly ashame people let them rot like that, though!

    Thank you very much for joining in, I appreciated you! =)

  6. It sure is a beautiful barn! How wonderful that someone rescued it!

  7. They've done a magnificient job restoring it. Long live the barn!

  8. How exciting to see a barn restored instead of torn down....or allowed to fall apart!

  9. Oh I wish that we could afford to repair ours. I wish that people before us had not left it to sag and decay.

    Barns are a part of our heritage that will not be repeated.


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