Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4/10

I'm having so much fun with this challenge, learning some stuff too. 
This week the theme words were 1. motion, 2. "waiting to click", 3. in fashion, 4. animal's perspective, 5. many

D.J. one of the 2 1/2 yr old twins that I watch from time to time. Little boys are always in motion.

waiting to click
Sophie, the other twin was very patient waiting for the click.

in fashion 
my grandson Dylan is always in fashion if the grubby little boy look is "in"

animal's perspective
Princess Fiona spends hours sitting here just looking

 a bit of my collection of many rocks, a stretch for this, I had a great shot of many bunnies taken the other day but can't find it in my library of many photos.

be sure to follow the above button link for lots and lots of scavenger hunts. Next week: 
  1. Time (if only I had time...)
  2. Poem/Poetry
  3. Outside  
  4. Zoom! (or "from the car" )
  5. Isolation 

365 - 100


  1. These are so great - I love your first shot. Adorable.

  2. Cute kids and captures! I love the rocks; very pretty!


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