Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 4/3

It's been a illness filled week here so I haven't been able to get out and about. I hate to rely on my archives but I really wanted to join this week especially since I've learned about processing for high key. Love the challenge, thanks Ashley.

High Key

 youngest granddaughter about 7 years ago, still my favorite photo of her, love the chubby wandering fingers and those eyes!!!!

Something Tiny

 Our Basil starts..hurry summer!

In the Distance

from the ferry between the San Juan islands. year round snow topped Mt Baker in the distance


aren't they festive? hula hoops from the farmers market last summer. It opened again yesterday.

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365 86-89


  1. Love the high key shot! Beautiful job!

  2. Wonderful job - I really love that high key shot.

  3. Your high key shot is fabulous! And stripes is a lot of fun! Love all the colors!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Very very nice colors... I see you are from the San Juan Islands... That must be where the colors come from. I'm from the Pacific Northwest too (Portland) and I love and miss the colors there. I live in New Zealand now.

  5. Your tiny shot was creative thinking. Loved it!

  6. LOVE LOVE the high key & the something tiny is AWESOME!

  7. Your high key shot is amazing. Love the stripes, too.


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