A wedding without cake

This is Dan and Vicky. Dan is my nephew. Dan is my first nephew to get married (I have 9). Dan and Vicky's wedding was the reason Hubby and I were back in the Chicago area last weekend. It was a lovely wedding and an awesome reception.

Speaking of reception, I had been so looking forward to the wedding cake. I know, I know but I didn't cheat on my diet for a whole week just so I could indulge in ...yum...wedding cake.
Imagine my surprise when Vicky announced that there was not to be the traditional cake and all the cutting, face smashing etc. *sigh*  Then they brought out individual...see below

Chocolate Souffle with Creme Anglaise
prepared by Scott Jambrosek, Sous Chef at La Sardine
Vicky works there and this is her favorite dessert.

Forget about cake, I'm with her.
 She will forever be my favorite niece-in-law (especially if she can get the recipe for me)

Oh yeah, they had a late night Ice Cream Sundae Bar too! A little bit of fat, carb and calorie heaven.

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