Monday, July 11, 2011

once upon a time there was a barn

barn charm #41

there was a barn here, all that's left is a bit of the foundation and the silo. 
Wonder what it looked like and why the silo is the only thing remaining.


  1. I see silos surviving the barns here in Rockbridge County. They must be constructed in such a way and with materials that just last better than the wood. Fine capture of such a special image. The scenery is lovely and the processing and texture superb. Genie

  2. Nice the texture!

  3. Seeing in side the silo is an unusual perspective. This is a really cool shot.

  4. That's a good question, one that I'd love to know. The silo is neat, but I'd love to have seen the barn, too!

    But, thanks for joining Barn Charm, anyway... it was a cool find! =)

  5. Beautiful...looks like a painting.

  6. Beautiful photo! I think the silos were built stronger and so survive longer.


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