Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1932 barn

This stately yellow barns sits just a few yards from the road, so I was able to see that it is a Registered Washington State Heritage Barn. I did not know there was a registration for heritage barns...I've got to go looking for some more.
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  1. It is sure a beauty....love that roof style.

  2. This is a lovely barn. I hope they maintain the upkeep, looks like it needs a little work. I wonder what the story is behind all the side windows.

  3. Yes the roof is very unique. Nice shot.

  4. Lovely barn and photo! I really like that Washington has the Heritage Barn program. My son lives in Mt. Vernon and I've captured many of the old beauties around there. It's so nice to see the date the barn was built, and I think it's encouraging more people to appreciate what they have and to maintain their old barns.

  5. A lovely structure, and it deserves to be on the list.

    We have a similar list for heritage and historic barns here in Oregon, plus there is also a century barns listing.

    Great shots.

    Noteworthy Musings - Barn Charm #94


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